María, L.A. Household Worker, IDEPSCA | Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate

In 2016, after more than a decade of intense struggle, a statewide coalition of domestic workers won a landmark Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in California. The legislation establishes overtime pay for some of the lowest paid and most exploited workers in California’s massive economy. Now this scrappy but increasingly influential coalition of mostly first-generation […]

María, Trabajadora del Hogar, IDEPSCA | Conciencia Popular en un Clima Cambiante

En el 2016, después de más de una década lucha intensa, una coalición estatal de trabajadoras del hogar ganó la prominente Carta de Derechos de Trabajadoras del Hogar en California. La legislación establece el pago de horas extras para algunas de trabajadoras más mal pagadas y más explotadas dentro de la economía masiva de California. […]

Melissa Stoner, American Federation of Teachers 1474, AFL-CIO | Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate

As clashes over the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline continue in North Dakota, a related battle is brewing in the halls of organized labor. In a statement issued September 15, the nation’s largest federation of trade unions threw in its support for the controversial oil pipeline. The president of the American Federation of Labor […]

Gervacio Peña López, Graton Day Labor Center | Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate

This article is part of a collaboration between YES! Magazine and Climate Workers that seeks to connect the experiences of workers with the urgency of the climate crisis. This interview was translated from its original Spanish and edited for length and clarity. Read the Spanish version here. After his single mother suffered an injury, Gervacio Peña López left […]

Gervacio Peña López, Centro Laboral de Graton | Conciencia Popular en un Clima Cambiante

Conciencia Popular en un Clima Cambiante Este artículo es parte de una colaboración entre YES! Magazine y Climate Workers para conectar las experiencias de l@s trabajador@s con la urgencia de la crisis climática. Después de que su madre soltera se lastimara en México, Gervacio Peña López dejó la escuela en México e intentó entrar a los […]

Al Marshall, SEIU 1021, Oakland Chapter President | Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate

On September 21st, hundreds of people packed the Oakland City Hall to oppose developer Phil Tagami’s proposal to build a coal export terminal in Oakland. Among them were dozens of union members whose locals were opposing coal as anti-union, a major source of carbon emissions, and a risk to public health in working class neighborhoods through which coal trains would pass and deposit toxic coal dust. One of those union members was Al Marshall, SEIU 1021 City of Oakland Chapter President, who told the council that coal dust would only exacerbate his son’s asthma. We later interviewed Al. Here’s his story.